Inquisit 5 Work Items

Inquisit (Nov 29, 2018)

3842	(Mac) Need to add support detection and replacement of corrupt install registration files.
3989	Little Man Test shows incorrect feedback during practice phase
3996	Registration fails for Inquisit Lab after registration expires
4004	Mac - "random_device failed to open /dev/urandom: Too many files"
4014	Animations do not seem to apply on first run
4015	Animation starting points get units mixed up
4020	new iOS crash reports
4062	Customer Report: batch with 12 scripts crashes, but does not crash if split into two batches of 6
4066	Extend logging to Inquisit Web iOS
4067	Inquisit iOS - data files may not be uploaded if connecting via proxy server
4068	FinishPage url macros may not be properly expanded
4069	Inquisit may fail silently and skip portions of a test

Inquisit (Sep 19, 2018)

3841	(Win) Keyboard detection fails on (some?) hybrid touch-capable Windows devices
3881	Eye Tracker support for custom calibration procedures used with infants
3932	Eye tracking - Invalid gaze point samples should be written to the data file
3941	customer reported: lower part of active canvas is obstructed in several scripts
3948	(ios) voicekey setting causes error messages
3951	(mac, not PC, not tested on ios yet) Inquisit does not play videos anymore
3954	Eye tracking - H3 calibration support
3958	script interface looks slightly different on Inquisit Web than on Inquisit Lab (same script, same machine)
3967	iPad - offline button is disabled if script file name contains a space
3969	iOS - crash reports for 5.0.13
3977	Monkey returns the same latency and response with XID response pads

Inquisit (June 1, 2018)

3881	Eye Tracker support for custom calibration procedures used with infants
3906	customer reported: SHAPS survey misses anchors
3797	new function: randgaussian(mean, sd) needs to be added to Help Menu
3806	iOS - if a test is toggled offline in the app, data files should not be automatically uploaded.
3894	iOS - if you try to launch a new test while a previous test is still running, Inquisit crashes
3903	Mac (not Windows and not iOS) - captions not showing up on survey
3904	Mac 10.13.4 - image sizing doesn't seem to work on surveys
3905	Mac 10.13.4 - survey navigation button text should be centered
3859	no easy way to store data in local subfolders
3867	Inquisit Lab update check should not run while script is in progress
3871	defaults.finishpage not initialized with finishpage parameter
3900	iOS - data files should be written to the offline cache rather than in memory
3912	Regression: SerialPortConnection blows over system configuration with hardcoded defaults
3895	(win, not tested on Mac) expression is run twice in survey without obvious reason
3868	(win, not tested on Mac) hitting enter key to submit response on openended trial inserts new line characters
3877	(win, not tested on Mac) radiobuttons are cut off for 'horizontal equal'
3892	inquisit web should support origin server urls for new EU domain names

Inquisit (Feb 2, 2018)

3668 (win) inconsistent and mostly dysfunctional last screen coordinate hand off for animated stims
3684 iOS - we should open finish page in default browser, not Inquisit app
3686 iOs - Millisecond road sign test freezes on drag
3687 iOS - app store links on the launch page don't work in the player browser.
3688 iPhone X support.
3691 iOS (Windows, too) - crash with script running 16 simultaneous videos
3700 (win, not tested on Mac or ios) unnecessary wrapping of survey radiobutton answer choice
3718 Windows Surface - Customer reports mysterious white stripe on right of the screen
3723 Windows 10 (Acer laptop) - Screen size/resolution miscalculation issue reported by customer
3729 (win, not tested on Mac) 'system error' message appears in message list
3741 list not constraint doesn't work with selectionmode noreplace
3742 Pretrial pause results in 20ms unaccounted for by pretrialpause and response latency
3761 samples/probabilisticrewardtask/probabilisticrewardtask_group4.test
3769 Mac crash on testharness (crash report only, no repro steps
3781 'newlines' in textbox responses are different from 'newlines' in openended elements
3784 (win, Mac) data encryption does not work properly
3790 Batch directories not discovering scripts with iqx, iqxc extensions
3791 IQDatToExcel.exe built with wrong platform setting, throws error
3792 (Windows) Inquisit Lab exits immediately after typing the password for encrypted files.
3793 responseinterrupt = frames not behaving as advertised
3794 new function: randgaussian(mean, sd) for randomly sampling gaussian distibutions
3796 (Windows?) Mean and standard deviation of results from RandomGenerator::gaussian differ from the parameters
3802  Inquisit Lab - unclear how to manually entering registration key

Inquisit (Oct 3, 2017)

3629 (iOS) iPad Pro 10.5" reports 1024x768 point (9.7" effective resolution) instead of 834x1112 point resolution.
3651 (ios) htmlpage navigation buttons disappear if the screen is touched somewhere else
3659 Mac, iOS (maybe Windows) - timer briefly displays previous state when presented	
3685 Windows 10 - Next button sometimes does not appear for instruction pages
2321 (PC/Mac?) /response=correct does not behave as advertised

Inquisit (Aug 11, 2017)

3531	(Inquisit / Tobii plugin) Problem registering hits on AOIs with Tobii TX300 eyetracker
3629	(iOS) iPad Pro 10.5" reports 1024x768 point (9.7" effective resolution) instead of 834x1112 point resolution.

Inquisit (Jun 14, 2017)

3554	(PC) inputdevice=touchscreen fails on hybrid devices
3583	Windows - slider labels are no longer visible in 5.0.7
3585	eyetracker: eyetracker data files with duplicated data rows
3587	iPad data store support for uploading offline data to other apps
3593	iPad - more display anomalies
3595	(ios) different touchscreen behavior on ios than on Microsoft Surface Pro 4
3600	iOS - response stimuli are sometimes clipped
3602	iPad - delay discount script occasionally launches into a blank white screen
3603	iOS - stroop touchdown events sometimes not firing until second finger is lifted
3572	(PC, Mac) instruct element would benefit from a property /showcursor even if /inputdevice = keyboard
3584	Inquisit should not abort the script if it can't find parallel port at given address
3605	(PC, not tested on Mac) reliable Inquisit crash
3598	(PC / unclear if other platforms affected) Trials sometimes log invalid responses
3596	(PC) Inquisit 5.0.7 (web / lab) crashes on tablet running Windows 8.1

Inquisit (Apr 12, 2017)

3457	(ios) Barratt Impulsiveness Scale does not turn horizonal
3470	iOS - Slider control is continuous, doesn't respect tick marks
3519	iOS - Time wall estimation task doesn't recognize responses
3529	Mac - Display size and positioning is off
3537	iOS - Can not run BART twice in offline mode after three fingered swipe
3542	iOS - script bails with error "accessing _cachedSystemAnimationFence requires the main thread"
3543	iOS - display messed up after screen rotation from landscape to portrait
3503	iOS - response bar should not be displayed if keyboard attached
3324	Windows - Script formatter doesn't format, causes script to be unsaveable, crashes on document close
3397	(win, not on Mac) /correctmessage briefly interrupts trial
3432	(OSX/iOS) Slider / tickmarks not visible with white text on black background
3442	(PC/Mac/iOS?) /backbuttonposition attribute in  affects display of regular scripts in 
3446	Uninstall sometimes leaves previous version in Add/Remove Programs
3450	(Microsoft Surface 4/win 10) touchscreen input not valid while mouse input is
3451	Inquisit Web should convert urls contained in HTML files to lowercase
3461	(PC/Mac?/Others?) Certain scripts appear to crash Inquisit when run via 
3474	(win) TrailMaking Test with mouseover functionality: pencil does not show up reliably
3478	(PC, not tested on Mac yet) windowmode doesn't exit
3481	Customer is reporting excessively long load times for his script (compared to downloading directly from our server).
3483	Customer Report - Inquisit hanging with "interstitial" window on batch files
3487	Customer Report - script presents incorrect error feedback, performance summary calculations with 5.0.6
3497	Windows Inquisit player crashes due to apparent memory corruption
3499	XCode 8.2.1 static analyzer found some logic errors in the ExpressionParser::parseIfStatement() function.
3500	XCode 8.2.1 static analyzer found a "dead store" that looks worrisome in RandomGenerator::gaussian()
3502	(Mac, iOS) "No available audio busses to play" error
3513	iOS - default sizing for images in  seems off on iPad
3515	(Mac/iOS) Audio that isn't at 44100Hz ends up playing for the wrong duration.
3532	(iOS) We shouldn't display an error message on launch just because the internet is unavailable.
3533	iOS - running test from the "Tests" screen can result in the wrong finish page being displayed.
3452	(ios) Alcohol IATs demos don't show up on i-phone 6s
3488	Monkey gets stuck on new "mouseover" trailmaking test
3495	Mac (maybe iOS) Status message on splash screen needs to use smaller font and be centered on the window
3514	Mac OS 10.12.3 - status window's background is gray, not white
3563	(PC, Mac) Inquisit crashes when video element is run by 'run element'
1840	Explore allowing ClickOnce Inquisit to run on .NET Framework 3.5
3490	(Mac) Inquisit drag-n-drop no longer seems to be functioning.
3522	(ios) Wundtclock: sound interrupts trial
3523	(ios) Wundtclock: spacebar press is not always accepted

Inquisit (Dec 24, 2016)

3344	(mac) surveys are screwed up in Inquisit 5.0.6: don't show captions
3378	(customer reported on Microsoft Surface 4) : custom script freezes and display issues
3409	Mac - setup incomptable with Munki deployment system because we launch the IDE
3416	Windows - response bar appears on Windows touch devices even if they have a built in keyboard.
3425	(iOS) Offline mode: Script fails to execute w/ WebPlayer and 
3043	iOS - scrolling support for survey pages
3321	(PC, Mac) capture screencapture doesn't store the pic of the last trial run in a block
3330	Insert font deletes all existing attributes
3333	(iOS/Mac) Offline scripts have trouble loading files whose name is different from their case.
3336	(Mac) Frequent crash if tab hit after listbox control item selected
3366	(win, not tested on Mac yet) Picture Selection is off
3382	Mac - monkey hangs at the end of IOR and serial reaction time tasks
3402	Site license registration by ip address does not support time-limited licenses
3415	Script files are saved as *.iqxc rather than *.iqx with Internet Explorer
3322	Animation - ability to have a stimulus jump along a set of discreet points as opposed to moving in a continuous line.
3323	Animations should pay attention to /responseinterrupt
3335	(Mac) drag/drop feature: dragged objects reduce in size while being dragged
3337	Autocomplete shouldn't pop up new attribute list on the line of other attributes
3340	iOS Customer feedback - response bar too small on iPad Air
3347	(Windows, maybe Mac) Inquisit Lab File->Open and File->Save As should on the first time default to the user's folder, not the application's folder
3356	Win/Mac Editor: editor crashes if script language is changed under 'Preferences'
3379	(PC, not tested on Mac) previous openended responses used in blank response openened trials
3398	(win, mac) starting point in an animated object on a circular path should be parameterizable
3327	(Mac) Radiobutton options containing embedded newlines sometimes get the bottom clipped off in windowed mode.
3346	(PC, not seen on Mac yet) presented item logged as response despite not being a validresponse on mouse input trials
3348	(PC, not tested on Mac) isvalidresponse tests down and up response for scancodes (not just the one defined under validresponse)
3372	Need help topic on using batch parameters

Inquisit (Aug 5, 2016)

3304	(PC, not tested on Mac) dragdrop issue: cursor 'magically' attaches itself to an object without having to click on it
3311	(PC, not tested on Mac) dragdrop issue: selecting one object but not dragging it impacts data recording for another dragged object
3043	iOS - scrolling support for survey pages
3300	Insert Fontstyle context menu is disabled unless you click at the beginning or end of the fontstyle command
3305	Inquisit web gives no error message if script files are missing from a batch
3312	add 'lastdroplatency' to trial
3299	Script formatting not quite right in some cases
3303	Windows (maybe Mac) Update check on start up blocks the UI
2247	Right click save as Excel

Inquisit (Jul 5, 2016)

2674	Font Dialog and Color Dialog autocomplete should attempt to leverage any existing value for the attribute.
2874	Auto-formatting of elements and attributes in the editor
2976	Dragdrop anywhere
3049	Move named clearscreen elements to monitor{1,2,3,...}
3237	(PC, Mac) no mouse shows with htm-stimuli used in surveypages
3238	(PC, Mac) monkey does not react monkeylike with /response = timeout()
3295	Mac 10.7 - Surveys, instructions are hosed
2595	Tobii plugin - resetting Tobii free trial causes Inquisit to become unregistered.
2730	(PC, Mac, not ipad) "playthrough" sounds require a set trialduration >=17ms (unlike in Inquisit 4)
2900	(ios) surveypages erase in stages
2950	(Windows, Mac, iOS) Drag-n-drop monkey mode is broken (depending on platform crash, bad behavior, or just doesn't work).
2972	Spec issue - position, dropposition, and references vs values
3174	Inquisit lifecycle has issues in batch mode.
3240	(Mac only) ctrl-q doesn't work properly
3258	Windows 8.1 - customer reports that IAT works only if they respond with Ctrl+I and Ctrl+E
3273	Inquisit should automatically check for updates on startup, and issue a notice if a "critical" update is found
3274	Windows - remove the "Inquisit Runtime Window 0" from the title bar when running in windowed mode
3282	(Mac) When captions do appear in a survey in windowed mode the captions and items are radically misaligned.
3285	We should have some logic to detect and prevent infinite  recursions
3287	Mac build - help generation errors
3289	Surface Pro Touchscreen issues on custom project
3290	Mac build - need to remove validation checks for mozilla plugin

Inquisit (Jun 13, 2016)

3288    Crashes at the end of certain batch files
3169    Cut Mozilla Plugin

Inquisit (Jun 6, 2016)

2449	(PC) /stimulustimes appears to malfunction for certain NVIDIA cards in Inquisit 4
2553	eyetracker: monkey doesn't pass calibration
2799	Inquisit Editor Observation: Inquisit 5 (but also Inquisit 4): undo function/past function isn't always available
3136	Tobii eye tracker code should confirm users are within trackbox before beginning calibration.
3158	Support gathering eye tracker data even if /inputdevice is set to something other than eye tracker
3173	Mac - Japanese keyboard support broken (customer report)
3224	customer feedback eye tracker data files are too huge, they don't need most of the data, give them a way to specify just the columns they need
3236	(PC/Mac?): Some registered copies of Inquisit 5 Lab (including current build) suddenly stop recording data
1794	Mac / Windows: Data editing Save/Save As improvement
1870	"Run Element..." command
2471	Inquisit Web needs better integration with MTurk
2525	(PC, not on Mac) blacked out shape still shows a red halo
2563	Special design-time tag for instructions on running the test, changing parameters, and interpreting data
2643	(PC, not tested on Mac yet) scancode for L-ctrl and R-ctrl keys are both 29 and cannot be distinguished
2780	(PC, not tested on Mac yet) ctrl-q depends on setting of posttrialpause and other trial timings
2996	(iOS, Windows) Response = -57 doesn't work
3015	Colorizer/autocomplete not aware of constants
3123	Self-Paced Reading script looks different on same ios device (6S)
3201	Inquisit registration should attempt to register per-machine (rather than checking for admin rights) and fallback to per-user if it receives access denied error
3202	(win, not tested on Mac) batch crash
3227	Interstitial screen to be displayed between scripts in a batch.
3230	(PC, not tested on Mac) openended fontstyle increases the size of the response button only (not the actual font)
3231	(PC, not tested on Mac) no way to increase fontsize of openended response (in textbox)
3233	Save, Save As commands should be disabled for Start Page in Inquisit Lab
3249	(Inquisit Web) handing of parameters via a batch script doesn't seem to work in Inquisit Web
3250	Colorization of functions
3252	(PC not tested on Mac) simple conditional without else statements won't work anymore in branching
3253	Tab bar icons should have labels at the bottom
3234	(PC only) Inquisit (and below) crash on video loading
3246	Mac) Tower of London and TrailMakingTest don't work properly with reduced windowsize
3247	Inquisit Web: batch files do not attach subject query parameters correctly
3220	Need to be smarter about radio button layout.
3219	Inquisit 5.0.1 customer issue - survey text doesn't show up
3218	Inquisit 5.0.1 customer issue - crash
3206	(PC, Mac ) responses might not always be retained by a survey when using back button
3200	Media Foundation Player initialization crashes on customer machine
3199	(Win, Mac, iOS) reduced windowsizes in batched scripts get progressively smaller
3267	(iOS, Mac) Issues with radiobutton and checkbox selector sizing and text placement.
3272	(Mac) captions don't appear on first page of survey in windowed mode.
3276	Mac - red x close button in the title bar does nothing
3277	Mac - Digit span Test bails out with sound player error
3278	iPad - Auditory Digit Span crashes
3281	(PC, not tested on Mac yet) Automated Ospan doesn't run properly in Inquisit 5.02
3282	(Mac) When captions do appear in a survey in windowed mode the captions and items are radically misaligned.
3184	Mac - parallel port crash

Inquisit (Mar 22, 2016)

1627    response = timeout(integer) does not take variable input
2373	Windows - css is ignored in html file loaded from the web
2424	(PC/Mac?) CSS broken in HTML (instruction) pages / Inquisit Web
2442	radiobuttons: first response button left/right option for verbal anchor
2516	(Windows, Mac, iOS): Partially clipped videos are sized to fit within remaining rect rather than clipped
2713	(ipad) likert trial scales don't seem to be scaled for the canvas
2779	survey interop help topic improvements
2797	Merge data files command needs a wait cursor
2869	Help Menu: document how to send markers for eyetracking
2928	Update web SSL certificate
2978	(PC, Mac) timeout trials with /inputdevice = mouse and positive response are not recognized in conditionals with trial.trialname.response != 0
2986	expression language shouldn't require a ";" after if statements
3068	Eyetracker support for on the fly identification of fixation points
3091	(obsolete settings) /responseinterrupt = false/true are obsolete but show up with autoeditor as possible settings
3114	(ios) <instruct>/screencolor = black does not show up black
3116	(ios) not enough room for all response buttons on i-phone
3118	Mac 10.7.5 - Unexpected exception: +[NSColor colorWithRed:green:blue:alpha:]: unrecognized selector sent to class 0x7fff77fc2c10
3126	Need a way for launch page to be able to sniff/detect the Inquisit iOS player app browser
3129	(PC, not tested on Mac yet) != 0 is NOT interpreted as "a response was given" with inputdevice = mouse
3130	(ios) Animation issues with VSL_Fiser.iqx
3131	(ios) Animation issues with TimeWallEstimation on iphone 6S
3133	(ios) DiscriminationDuration.iqx does not play two tones for short duration sounds
3134	(PC, Mac) circle animation complains about starting point values that are taken from the Help Menu
3135	(PC) MOCA script crashes without error messages (particularly if run by monkey)
3137	Windows (mac not tested) Uploading progress dialog shows up behind browser window
3144	Check for updates shows 4.0.9 as the latest version available
3150	iOS - need 167x167 icon
3151	Windows - Inquisit Lab registration key should fall back to storing/reading registration key from user hive if it has insufficient permissions to write to the machine hive.
3155	iOS - when script throws error, it sets ScriptPath url parameter to the path to the cache rather than the original script path
3159	(PC, not tested on Mac yet) batch script that calls BART.iqx complains about display.width
3163	(win, not tested on Mac yet) animated stimuli and corresponding static stim do not appear in same position
3164	(win, not tested on Mac yet) animated stimuli with moveduration = 0 does not appear in same location as the same animated stimulus with moveduration = 5000 with a set canvasaspectratio
3167	Surface Pro: touchscreen reacts differently than a) ios touchscreens and b) mouse versions
3170	(ios, Mac, possibly) radiobuttons with labels that contain a ~n look funky
3171	(win) batch file bugs
3178	(Windows) add option to switch to different application (e.g. browser) while working on an Inquisit task
3179	(PC, probably ios) radiobutton anchors don't scale appropriately in reduced windowsize
3181	(Win, Mac, ios) batch files running scripts with different canvaspecifications fail
3182	(Mac) Inquisit Debug window not showing up under OSX El Capitan 10.10.3