What's New in Inquisit 5

Inquisit 5 is a major update of Inquisit that has been years in the making. Our design goals for Inquisit 5 were to extend support to iOS, enhance the power of the product, improve usability, and maintain backwards compatibility with past releases in order to ensure an enticing and smooth upgrade path. We want to make Inquisit an essential tool for anyone conducting computer-based behavioral research. Towards these ends, Inquisit 5 introduces the following new features:

  • iPhone and iPad support! (Details here.)
  • Improved support for Surface tablets and other Windows touch devices.
  • A new and improved editor with enhanced text colorization, auto-complete, auto-formatting, and help integration.
  • Support for modern, standard video codecs.
  • Long form sound recording for interview questions.
  • Drag/drop support.
  • Present animated stimuli.
  • Stream videos instead of requiring download upfront.
  • Present visual stimuli on multiple monitors.
  • Support for presenting standards-compliant HTML 5 documents.
  • Easily generate screenshots of a task for IRB review.
  • New convenience functions and for doing pixel math.
  • Z and P Score functions for computing signal detection metrics.
  • New list functions for sorting and computing on the fly statistics.
  • Ability to pass parameters between different scripts in a batch.
  • Numerous language improvements for simpler and more powerful scripts.
  • Improved documentation viewer.
  • Backwards compatible with previous versions so your existing scripts will continue to run.
  • Inquisit Web script size limit raised from 40MB to 60MB.

See the Inquisit 5 feature list for a complete list of Inquisit's capabilities.

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