Inquisit 6 offers native support for the latest Cedrus hardware products including m-pods, c-pods, Lumina Response Pads, StimTracker, RB-Series Reponse Pads, and SV-1 Voice Key devices.

  • Improve the accuracy of response time measurement with Lumina and RB-Series Response Pads.
  • Leverage Inquisit in fRMI studies using Lumina response devices.
  • Use StimTracker to send precision-timed markers to your neurophysiological data streams indicating true physical stimulus onsets, response times, and other events from Inquisit.

Documentation and samples

Please visit our Cedrus test library page for sample scripts demonstrating use of Cedrus response devices and StimTracker.

For information on setting up and programming a Cedrus device, see our help topics on Cedrus Response Devices and Cedrus StimTracker.


Millisecond is an authorized reseller for the following Cedrus products. Inquisit licenses sold separately.

RB-Series Response Pads

Cedrus Response Pads
RB-540, 5 Button Response Pad $499
RB-740, 7 Button Response Pad $499
RB-840, 8 Button Response Pad $499
RB-840, 8 Button Response Pad $499


Cedrus Response Pads
Lumina 3-Button Response Pad $1450
Lumina Diamond Response Pad $1450
Lumina Left Hand Response Pad $1450
Lumina Line Response Pad $1450
Lumina Pair Response Pad $1450
Lumina left Hand Response Pad $1450
Lumina Thumb Response Pad $1450
Lumina 3G+ System for fMRI $3195
Lumina 3G+ Controller $1600
Lumina 3-Year Premium Warranty $495
Lumina Trigger Cable for GE (15 feet) $100
Lumina Trigger Cable for GE (90 feet) $240
Lumina Optical Trigger Cable for Siemens (32 feet) $100
Lumina Optical Trigger Cable for Siemens (100 feet) $295
Lumina Shielded Cable for Inside MRI (65 feet) $499
Lumina Shielded Cable for Outside MRI (65 feet) $399
Lumina Shielded Cable for Outside MRI (100 feet) $249
Copper Outpost $199
Penetration Panel Filter $99
Penetration Panel Plate P1 Kit $199


Cedrus StimTracker
StimTracker Duo Kit (includes one m-pod) $1994
StimTracker Quad Kit (includes one m-pod) $2494
StimTracker Duo (base unit only) $1595
StimTracker Quad (base unit only) $2095
Light Sensor - White $39
Light Sensor - Black $39


Cedrus m-pod
m-pod $499


Cedrus c-pod
c-pod $599

Voice Key

Cedrus Voice Key
SV-1 Voice Key $399

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