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droptarget attribute

The droptarget attribute determines whether dropsource stimuli can be dragged and dropped onto this stimulus.

Member of

<button> <clock> <picture> <shape> <text> <video>


/ droptarget = property


/ droptarget = boolean


property A property returning value of true (not 0) or false (0).
boolean A value of true or false.


If set to true, the stimulus can accept dropsource stimuli that are dragged and dropped onto it when the inputdevice mode is set to 'mouse' or 'dragdrop'. If false, the stimulus does not accept drag and drop stimuli.


The following enables dropsource stimuli to be dragged and dropped onto a shape:

<shape someshape>
/ hposition = 95
/ droptarget = true

The following enables or disables dropsource stimuli from being dragged and dropped onto a shape depending on a value:

<shape someshape>
/ droptarget = values.dropmode

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