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inputmask attribute

The inputmask attribute determines which bits should be used in evaluating a response through a parallel port device.

Member of



/ inputmask = "bit mask"


bit mask A string of eight 0s and 1s serving as a bit mask.


The inputmask attribute consists of a sequence of eight 0s and 1s that determine which bits to read from the parallel report in determining a response. This is useful if, for example, a given port is being used simultaneously for both input and output, in which case the mask can be used to prevent Inquisit from including output bits when determining the value of the response. Bits marked with 0 are ignored. Those marked with 1 are used.


The following tells Inquisit to ignore all but the lowest order bit when reading data from an input device connected to LPT1.

<trial mytrial>
/ inputmask = "00000001"
/ inputdevice = LPT1

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