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orientation attribute

The orientation attribute determines whether survey items are layed out horizontally or vertically.

Member of

<dropdown> <listbox> <slider> <slidertrial> <surveypage> <textbox>


/ orientation = layout


layout One of the following values:
Value Description
vertical Items have a vertical layout.
horizontal Items have a horizontal layout.


Survey items that are layed out horizontally conserve vertical space, allowing more items to fit on a survey page. Vertical layout conserves horizontal space, which allows more text to be displayed in captions and options without wrapping. The default value is vertical.


The following shows a radiobutton survey item in horizontal layout:

<radiobutton ratingquestion>
/ caption = "How do you feel about icecream?"
/ options=["excellent", "good", "satisfactory", "bad", "awful"]
/ orientation=horizontal

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