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stream attribute

The stream attribute specifies whether video files located on the web should be completely downloaded at the beginning of an experiment or streamed over the web as they are played. This attribute has no effect for videos loaded from the local computer.

Member of



/ stream = boolean


boolean A value of true or false.


By default, Inquisit Web downloads all video files to a temporary folder on the local computer at the beginning the experiment. This allows Inquisit to start playing the videos more quickly, and it prevent video playback from being paused or interrupted due to spotty network connections or high traffic. This approach can greatly increase the load time of the experiment, however, given that all of the (potentially large) video files are downloaded up front as the experiment loads. If the load time takes too long, participants may lose patience and drop out of the study. Furthermore, Inquisit downloads all video files, not just the ones that are played for a particular participant. Generally speaking, if the total size of the video files to be downloaded is large, and/or if a given participant will see only one of the videos, the stream attribute should be set to true to minimize the participant's waiting time.


The following shows a video that streams from the web:

<video somevideo>
/ stream=true

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