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voiceover attribute

The voiceover attribute specifies whether text stimulus should be read aloud by the device's text-to-speech services.

Member of

<html> <instruct> <text>


/ voiceover = boolena(language, gender, age, rate)


boolean true or false.
language (Optional).A lowercase, two-letter (also some three-letter), ISO 639 language code (e.g., en, es, de, nl). Default is the local device language.
gender (Optional). Either male, female, or unknown. Default is female.
age (Optional). Either child, teenager, adult, senior, or other. Default is adult.
rate (Optional). The speed of the voice over, ranging from -1.0 to 1.0. The default is 0.0.


The voiceover attribute enables easy, automated narration of instructions and other text. The feature can be used to provide voice-only presentation of instructions, or both visual and voice presentation. The command includes optional arameters for choosing the language, gender, age, and speed of the voice to use for reading text. Inquisit will search for the best fit, prioritizing the attributes in the previously stated order. If no optional parameters are specified, the machine's default voice is used.


The following voiceovers the data file using the given password:

        <text start>
/ items = "The test will start when you press the spacebar")
/ voiceover = true

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