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vposition attribute

The vposition attribute determines the vertical position of the item on the screen.

Member of

<button> <clock> <html> <picture> <shape> <text> <video>


/ vposition = y expression


y expression The vertical screen coordinate in pixels, percent(default), or points.


The value is specified as a percentage of the vertical plane of the screen, where 0.0 corresponds to the top edge of the screen and 100.0 to the bottom. The default value is 50.0, which corresponds to the center of the screen.


The following sets the position of the text to be the top right corner of the screen:

<text sometext>
/ items = ("ipsum")
/ hposition = 95
/ vposition = 5

The following sets the position based on the trial number:

<text sometext>
/ items = ("ipsum")
/ vposition = trial.mytrial.currenttrialnumber * 5

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