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remainingtime property

The remaining time in milliseconds until the timeout is reached.

Member of

<block> <clock> <expt> <likert> <openended> <script> <slidertrial> <survey> <surveypage> <trial>


The remainingtime property can be used with a clock in timer, stopwatch, or clock mode for which a timeout value has been set. If no timeout has been set for a clock, this property returns -1.


The following trial branches to a warning trial if the remaining time for a task is less than 5 seconds:

<trial sometrial>
/ branch = [if (clock.tasktimer.remainingtime < 5000) trial.dowarning;]

The following adds a warning tone to a trials stimuli if the remaining time is less than 3 seconds:

<trial sometrial>
/ ontrialbegin= [if (clock.tasktimer.remainingtime < 3000) trial.sometrial.insertstimulusframe(1, sound.warning);]

The following displays the value of remainingtime in a text stimulus:

<text sometext>
/ items= ("remainingtime = <% clock.surveytimer.remainingtime %>")

The following displays the value of remainingtime in an instruction page:

<page somepage>
remainingtime = <% clock.puzzletimer.remainingtime %>

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