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skip property

Determines whether or not the presentation of the given stimulus should be skipped.

Member of

<button> <clock> <picture> <port> <shape> <sound> <text> <text> <video>


This property provides an easy way to remove stimuli from the stimulus presentation sequence. A value of true (or a nonzero number) indicates the stimulus will be not be presented, even if it is listed among the stimulusframes for the current trial. A value of false (or zero) it will be presented as usual. By default, skip is false for all stimuli.


The following displays the value of skip in a text stimulus:

<text sometext>
/ items= ("skip = <% text.sometext.skip %>")

The following displays the value of skip in an instruction page:

<page somepage>
skip = <% text.sometext.skip %>

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