Creating an Expt

/ preinstructions = (inquisit, intro1, intro2)
/ blocks = [1=covertattentionpractice; 2=covertattention]
/ postinstructions = (finish)

The expt element is quite simple. The expt begins by showing a series of three instruction pages, inquisit, intro1, and intro2.

Next, it runs our practice block, followed by the data collection block. Each block is run exactly one time.

Finally, it displays a single instruction page called finish,

Last of all, we'll customize the format in which the data is saved using the data element.

/ format = tab

The data element allows me to control what data is recorded, the order of data columns, whether or not to include column labels on the first row, and what character should serve as the column delimiter. In this experiment, we'll specify that the columns should be separated by tab characters, which is a standard text data format recognized by any data analysis software, including Excel and SPSS. For everything else, we'll just use the default settings.

That's it. We're done!

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