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default attribute

The default attribute defines variable assignments for subject numbers that do not fall into any groups.

Member of



/ default = (variablename = value, variablename = value, ...)


variablename The name of a variable to be substituted in the script with its associated value.
value The name of an element in the script to substitute for the variablename.


If a subject number does not belong to any groups, the variable assignments defined by the default attribute are applied. The variablename is replaced with the element name specified by value whereever it occurs in the script.


The following specifies that for odd numbered subjects, the first block is "conditiona" and for every other subject number, the first block is "conditionb".

/group=(1 of 2) (block1=conditiona)

The following specifies that the first two of every four subjects (e.g., 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 10, ...) are presented "redprime" and "redtarget". The third of every four subjects are shown "blueprime" and "bluetarget". Everyone else is shown "whiteprime" and "whitetarget".

/group=(1, 2 of 4) (prime=redprime, target=redtarget)
/group=(3 of 4) (prime=blueprime, target=bluetarget)
/default=(prime=whiteprime, target=whitetarget)

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