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size attribute

The size attribute defines the width and height of the bounding rectangle of a visual stimulus.

Member of

<checkboxes> <clock> <dropdown> <html> <image> <listbox> <openended> <picture> <radiobuttons> <shape> <slider> <text> <textbox> <video>


/ size = (width variable, height variable)


width variable The width of the rectangle in pixels (default), percent, or points.
height variable The height of the rectangle in pixels (default), percent, or points.


The size attribute is useful for presenting pictures and video in the same size, or long strings of text that should be wrapped over multiple lines. Text, pictures, shapes, and video are sized to fit within the bounding rectangle.


The following presents a sentence wrapped in a 100 by 200 pixel rectangle.

<text paragraph>
/ items=("The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog")
/ size=(100, 200)

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