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soundcapture attribute

The soundcapture attribute records audio during a trial.

Member of

<block> <expt> <likert> <openended> <survey> <surveypage> <trial>


/ soundcapture = boolean


boolean A boolean value of true or false.


It is sometimes useful to record what a respondent says during a trial. When the soundcapture attribute is set to true, a recording is started at the beginning of the expt, block, or trial and saved at the end. Audio is saved to files in a subfolder called "soundcaptures" (located under the folder containing the script).


The following trial takes a picture at the beginning:

<trial q1>
/ stimulustimes = [1=target1, target2, target3]
/ soundcapture = true
/ validresposne = (noresponse, lbuttondown)
/ timeout = 1000
/ inputdevice = mousekey

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