Creating an Expt

The next step is to define an expt element that defines the flow of blocks in the experiment. The expt element is defined as follows:

/ preinstructions = (intro, task, taskreminder)
/ postinstructions = (end)
/ blocks = [1=practice; 2,3=critical]

The expt element is simple. The preinstructions attribute begings the expt by showing subjects the 3 pages of instructions, "intro", "task", and "taskreminder". The postinstructions attribute specifies final instruction page named "end" to be displayed at the conclusion of the experiment. The blocks attribute specifies that 1 practice block is run followed by 2 critical blocks.

Finally, we'll do a little fine tuning by specifying some default settings using the defaults element.

/ fontstyle = ("Courier New", 16pt)
/ posttrialpause = 500

The fontstyle attribute specifies that all stimulus and instruction text should be displayed in a 16pt "Courier New" font. The postrialpause attribute specifies that a 500 ms pause should occur at the end of each trial.

The experiment is now complete! You can run the experiment by selecting the "Run" command on the "Experiment" menu.

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