Creating an Expt

Next, we'll need to define an expt element that specifies which blocks to run.

/ blocks = [1 = practice; 2-5 = data]
/ postinstructions = (end)

The expt element runs a total of 5 blocks. The first block is "practice", and the next for blocks are "data'. After all the blocks have been run, a single page of instructions called end is displayed.

Finally, we'll want to set the default font and screen color for the experiment using the defaults element:

/ fontstyle = ("Courier New", 14pt)
/ screencolor = (150, 150, 150)

The fontstyle attribute sets the default font for all text stimuli and instruction pages to 14pt Courier New. You can use Inquisit's Font Wizard to generate the font selection for you. To use the Font Wizard, place your cursor at the location in the script where you wish the font attribute to appear, then select the Font Wizard command from the Tools menu. A standard font dialog will appear, allowing you to select the font of your choice. The wizard will then inject the corresponding attribute definition into you script.

The screencolor attribute works just like the txcolor attribute we configured earlier. In this case, the red, green, and blue components are all set to 150, making the screen grey.

The experiment is complete!

Creating Blocks Overview