Introducing Inquisit 6 Web

Inquisit 6 Web extends the power and flexibility of the Inquisit 6 experiment engine to the web. With Inquisit Web, your experiments can be launched directly from a web page without having to manually install Inquisit on the client machine. Data gathered from the web can be saved back to a web site, ftp site, network share, or even an email address.

What are the benefits of Inquisit 6 Web?

Unlimited client licenses. With Inquisit Web, Inquisit experiments can be run on an unlimited number of client machines. This makes Inquisit Web an ideal tool for large scale data collection in laboratories, class rooms, or over the Internet.

Easy web deployment.Your participants can run your studies by simply browsing to a web page, download the Inquisit Web app, then clicking a link to start the study.

Power, flexibility, and accurate timing. The Inquisit Web engine affords the same power, flexibility, and timing accuracy as the Inquisit Lab engine. How is that possible? Because the Inquisit Web engine is the Lab engine. Literally. We've just repackaged it in a way that makes it easy to deploy over the web.

Compatible with Inquisit 6 Lab. Your Inquisit 6 scripts will run interchangeably between the lab and web engines. There is no need to maintain and test multiple versions of your scripts.

How does the Inquisit 6 Web work?

When you purchase a web license, we will create an account on where can login and use the online tools to upload and register experiments. Once you've registered an experiment, you will have a launch page on where you can direct participants. On the launch page, they can click a link to start the experiment. They will have to agree to download Inquisit Web, after which the experiment will start. Inquisit Web download all materials required to run the study at the very beginning, then runs the experiment locally on the participant's computer, and uploads the data at the end. Inquisit thus only requires the network prior to and after the experiment runs, but it does not rely on the network as the experiment is running.

You can see what the experience of launching an Inquisit Web study yourself by running any of the demos in the Inquisit Task Library.

How does licensing work with Inquisit 6 Web?

Unlike Inquisit Lab, Inquisit Web is not licensed based on the number of client computers that install and run Inquisit experiments. In fact, an Inquisit Web license entitles you to run Inquisit experiments on an unlimited number of client computers.

Inquisit Web licenses determine the number of experiments that can be run at a given point in time. An Inquisit Web license entitles you to run a single web experiment (as defined by a single Inquisit script). If you wish to run one web experiment at a time, you would only need a single Inquisit Web license. If you wish to collect data for five different experiments in parallel, you would need five Inquisit Web licenses.

Inquisit Web enforces the licensing policy at run time by checking whether the experiment it has been instructed to run is listed as an active experiment for the specified user account. If the experiment is active, the experiment runs as normal. If the experiment is not active, it can optionally be run, but no data will be collected. You may change your list of active experiments as often as you'd like. However, the number of active experiment you may specify is limited to the number of Inquisit Web licenses held by your account. Importantly, this means that Inquisit Web must be able to connect to from the client computer in order to collect data. Inquisit Web can not be used to collect data on machines that are not connected to the Internet.

What are the machine requirements for Inquisit 6 Web?

The client must be running Windows XP or later, or Mac OSX 10.5 or later. Sorry, no support for Linux.

The client must have a working Internet connection.

The client must be running an reasonably recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

Where can I get Inquisit 6 Web?

To use Inquisit 6 Web, you must purchase a web license. This will enable you to login to your account on, where you can use our online tools for uploading experiments and accessing your data.