How to Register Inquisit Lab in Managed Automated Deployments

Inquisit Lab enables provies a user interface for manual registration of the product using an email and password. While this provides a simple mechanism for registering a few machines, the manual process is cumbersome for registering large numbers of machines in a managed IT environment.

For mass deployment and registration of Inquisit, registration can be accomplished by running an install script in the rollout immediately after installation of Inquisit Lab completes. This script calls the Inquisit application via command line, passing in the userid and password as arguments for retrieving the registration key. If the process has administrative privileges, Inquisit will register for all users on the machine. If the process only has user privileges, it will register the current user only.

To register Inquisit Lab from the command line, call the Inquisit executable with the following command line parameters:

[InstallDir]Inquisit.exe --register --userid --password mypassword --account myaccount

The "--register" argument tells Inquisit to register the product.

The "--userid" argument is the email address of one of the users on the account.

The "--password" argument is the password associated with the user.

The "--account" argument is the name of the account for the licenses. This is only required if the specified user is a member of more than one account.