Inquisit Runtime Commands

Aborting an Experiment

Inquisit has special built in commands that allows you to abort the rest of an experiment. This are useful, for example, when you are testing out a script, discover an error, and wish to end the session so that you can return to the editor and fix the problem. Note that any data collected up to that point will be saved.

The command for aborting a batch of mulitiple scripts:

The command for aborting a single script is:

Skipping the Current Block

Inquisit also has a built in command that enable you to skip the current block. This is useful if you are wish to test a block that occurs later in the script and you don't want to respond to every trial on every preceding block. To skip the current block, use the following command:

Opening the Debugger Watch Window

Inquisit has a Debugger Watch Window that shows you the current values of every propery in the script at any point while it is running. This can be a useful advanced tool for debugging expressions that reference various property values. To launch the Debugger Watch Window, use the following command: