How to Test a Script

The Test Monkey

Inquisit has a built in 'test monkey' who will happily perform even the longest, most tedious experiments in order to generate sample data. To run the monkey:

a) Open the experiment script in Inquisit.

b) Select the "Monkey" command from the Tools menu.

c) Enter a subject number when prompted and then press OK.

Now, go enjoy a cup of coffee as the monkey runs through the entire experiment without so much as a complaint. Consult your animal subjects ethics board to determine whether the monkey's informed consent is required.

Tuning the Test Monkey

You can use the monkey element to control the speed and accuracy with which the monkey responds.

On a given trial, you can also specify the monkeyresponse attribute on a given trial to specify the possible responses the monkey can randomly select when responding on a given trial.

If the monkeyresponse attribute is not specified, the monkey will randomly select from the responses specified in the validresponse and correctresponse attributes. The monkeyresponse attribute is thus required in order to use the monkey on trials that don't specify either of these attributes. For example, you would use the monkeyresponse attribute on trials that use the isvalidresponse or iscorrectresponse event handler attributes to identify valid and corred responding using dynamic expressions.