How to Run an Inquisit 6 Experiment on the Web

Inquisit 6 Web allows you to launch your experiments directly from a web page. If you have purchased a web license, you have the option of launching expeirments from your own web site or from the web site. In either case, data are saved by default to the data service where you can login and download the data files.

If you haven't yet purchased a web license, you can still evaluate Inquisit 6 Web by setting up an experiment on your own web server. When evaluating Inquisit, you can launch and run scripts as normal, but the data will not be saved.

Click here for more information on registering Inquisit 6 Lab. Click here for more information on registering Inquisit 6 Web.

Publishing Inquisit scripts on

Hosting your scripts on is the easiest option for those without experience creating and administering web sites. For those with basic web development skills, this option also includes some support for customizing the launch web page and subject number assignment method. To publish a script on

  1. Write and test your Inquisit script using the Inquisit 6 Lab editor and tools.
  2. Open your web browser and navigate to the web site.
  3. Select "My Account" from the menu and click the "Register Inquisit Web Scripts" menu item. If you are not already logged into the site, you will be prompted for your user name and password.
  4. Under the "Register Web Scripts" section, click the "Register New Script" link. This will launch the Inquisit Web Script Wizard
  5. The first page of the wizard asks whether you wish to host the experiment on or on your own web server. Select the option. The click the "Browse..." button and select your script file from your local computer. Click next once you have specified the script file.
  6. On the next page you can upload additional files used by the script such as pictures and video.
  7. Next, select whether you wish to use Inquisit's automatically generated launch page or your own custom web page. The subsequent steps in the wizard allow you specify the title, instructions, and how subject id numbers should be generated and assigned to subjects.
  8. When you are done, click the Finish button. That's it, your experiment is now online. You can browse to the launch page using the following url:[username]/[scriptfilename].web

    where [username] is your user id and [scriptfilename] is the original filename of your script.
  9. Click the "Start" link to launch your experiment.

Publishing Inquisit scripts on your own web server

Hosting experiments on your own server is an easy if you have access to a web server. To deploy an Inquisit experiment to your web server, follow these steps:

  1. Write and test your Inquisit script using the Inquisit 6 Lab editor and tools, or download a script from the Inquisit Task Library.
  2. Navigate to your web scripts page at
  3. If the status of your web license is "pending", start your web license by clicking the "Start Now" link.
  4. Click the "Register New Script" link to launch the registration wizard and follow the steps in the wizard.
  5. On the first page of the wizard, select the option to host the experiment on your own server, and enter the full url to the script file on your server.
  6. Continue through the wizard specifying the options you'd like for the launch page.
  7. On the final Summary page of the wizard, click the "Download Launch Page" button and save the html page to your computer. Then click the Finish button.
  8. Upload your script file and the launch page created above to the location on your web server that you specified when registering the script. If you script uses picture or other media files, be sure to upload those as well.
  9. Direct participants to the launch web page to start the experiment.