How to copy offline data from the Inquisit 6 Web Player

By default, when experiments are run with Inquisit Web, data from each device is automatically uploaded to your account on Millisecond, where you can login and download it at any time. This is a basic requirement for conducting remote research with participants over the Internet.

When Inquisit Web is used to collect sensitive data on researcher-controlled devices, however, it may be preferrable from a security standpoint to export data directly to services controlled by the research institution rather than have them leave the institution's systems. This article demonstrates how to prevent data from being uploaded to Millisecond and how to retrieve data directly from the device. The iOS version of the Inquisit Web app is shown here, but the steps are the same on Window, Mac, and Android.

Note that Inquisit Web uses the device's general 'sharing' functionality to export data from it, the same mechanism that is used to share photos, articles, and links. This requires that you have a suitable file sharing application installed on the device to receive the files. For example, you can share the files with your email app, in which case they are sent to an address of your choosing as attachments. You can also share to HIPAA compliant storage apps such as Dropbox, OneDrive, or G Suite.

1. Open the Inquisit app on the (iOS) device and go to the Data tab.

2. Toggle 'Automatic Data Upload' off.

(Important: By default, Automatic Data Upload is on. If you do not turn it off, the data will be automatically uploaded from this device to Millisecond after each session completes or when the app is idle.

Automatic Data Upload

3. Run your experiment on that device.

Run experiment

4. When the experiment is complete, open Inquisit Web on the device and go to the Data tab.

You will see the data files generated from the experiment listed here.

Data files

5. Share Data to another app.

Press the Share button on the Data tab. You can then select an app to receive the data

Share file

6. Delete the file from the Inquisit app.

Once the files have been successfully shared and saved, you can delete them from the device to ensure they are not mistakenly uploaded to Millisecond at a later time.