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anchors attribute

The anchors attribute specifies the labels for the points of a Likert scale.

Member of



/ anchors = [point = "label"; point = "label"; point = "label"]


point An integer specifying a point on the Likert scale.
label Specifies the label (in quotes) for a given point on the Likert scale.


This attribute assigns text labels to points on the Likert scale. Labels can be specified for any subset of points. The labels can be any string of text including blanks. Only one label can be assigned to a given point on the scale, and labels can not be assigned to points less than 0 or greater than the number of points specificed in the numpoints attribute.


The following shows a five point Likert scale with evaluative labels:

<likert ratingquestion>
/ stimulusframes=[1=sometext]
/ anchors=[1="excellent"; 2="good"; 3="satisfactory"; 4="bad"; 5="aweful"]

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