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bidirectional attribute

The bidirectional attribute specifies whether the experiment should present user controls such as checkboxes and dropdown lists in right-to-left format as required by Hebrew and Arabic script.

Member of



/ bidirectional = boolean


boolean A value of true or false.


By default, Inquisit determines the layout of survey pages by examining the language settings on the computer. If the system locale on the computer is English, for example, survey questions start to the left and proceed rightward. If the system locale is Hebrew, however, survey questions start at the right of the screen and proceed rightward (i.e., mirroring).

The bidirectional attribute specifies a layout direction to use regardless of the system locale. This is useful, for example, if an English experiment is run on Arabic or Hebrew computers, or an Arabic experiment may be run on a western computer.

If bidirectional is false, the layout is left to right. If bidirectional is true, the layout is right to left (mirrored).

Note that Hebrew and Arabic text are always presented in right to left order regardless of this setting.


The following sets the text to bidirectional (right to left):

/ bidirectional= true

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