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blockfeedback attribute

The blockfeedback attribute specifies which performance feedback the subject receives at the end of the block.

Member of

<block> <defaults>


/ blockfeedback = (metric, metric, metric, ...)


metric One of the following performance metrics:
Value Description
meanlatency The average response latency for the block in milliseconds.
medianlatency The median response latency for the block in milliseconds.
window The percentage of responses occurring within the response window in the block.
correct The percentage of correct responses made in the block.


If blockfeedback is specified, an special instruction screen appears at the end of the block reporting the subject's performance. If you wish to present additional performance feedback or to customize the appearance of the feedback page, you may do so using intruction pages with variable replacement expressions for the desired performance metrics.


The following block reports the subject's average latency and percent correct once at the end.

<block myblock>
/ trials=[1-20=noreplace(testtrials, distractortrials)]
/ blockfeedback = (meanlatency, correct)

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