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buttonvalues attribute

The buttonvalues attribute specifies the values to record in the data file when the subject selects a give likert point.

Member of



/ buttonvalues = [point="value", point="value", point="value"]


point An integer specifying a point on the Likert scale.
value Specifies the value (in quotes) to record in the data file if the subject selects the corresponding point.


This command is useful for recording likert responses as something other than a likert number, such as a word or a negative number. By default, the button's number is recorded to the data file.


The following shows a five point Likert scale that records letters rather than numbers to the data file:

<likert ratingquestion>
/ stimulusframes=[1=sometext]
/ anchors=[1="excellent"; 2="good"; 3="satisfactory"; 4="bad"; 5="aweful"]
/ buttonvalues=[1="a"; 2="b"; 3="c"; 4="d"; 5="e"]

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