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combaudrates attribute

The combaudrates attribute sets baudrate of the PC's serial ports.

Member of



/ combaudrates = (port = baudrate, port = baudrate, port = baudrate, ...)


port One of the following values:
Value Description
com<n> The signal is defined a serial port signal, where n specifies the port number (e.g., COM1, COM2, COM3, ...).
baudrate A positive integer representing the baudrate to set the port.


This attribute is useful when using external input devices that require serial port communication at a particular baud rate. For example, the Cedrus response boxes require the COM port to communicate at 9600 kbs.


The following presents a textbox question, with the textbox sized to 200 by 100 pixels.

/ combaudrates = (COM1=9600, COM2=9600)
/ textboxsize=(200, 100)

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