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correcttarget attribute

The correcttarget attribute repeats a block until the specified accuracy criterion is met.

Member of



/ correcttarget = (property, target, maxblocks)


property The performance measure (e.g., "percentcorrect", "numcorrect").
target An integer indicating the target performance level. For example, if the property is percentcorrect, a value of 75 would set the threshold to 75% accuracy.
maxblocks An integer indicating the maximum number of iterations of the block to run before moving on, regardless of whether performance has reached the target. A value of 0 indicates there is no maximum.


When a correcttarget is specified for a block, the block is repeated until the subject's performance accuracy reaches the specified target or until the block is run the maximum number of times. This command is useful for practice blocks where it is important that performance reaches a desired threshold before moving on to data collection blocks. The command can be combined with the latencytarget command to define both speed and accuracy thresholds.


In the following block repeats itself until either the subject responds correct on 90 of 100 trials, or the block is repeated 5 times, whichever comes first:

<block myblock>
/ trials=[1-100=sometrial]
/ correcttarget=(numcorrect, 90, 5)

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