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1 attribute

The attributes are used to specify items to be used in stimuli.

Member of



/ 1 = "item text"


/ 1 = "path"


itemnum A positive integer.
item A quoted string representing an actual item.


Different types of stimulus elements use the items in difference ways. If the stimulus is a text element, items represent the actual text items to be presented. If the stimulus is a picture, sound, or video, then the items are the names of the files containing the relevant media. If the stimulus is a port element, the items are strings of 0's and 1's representing 8-bit TTL signals. Characters in an item are specified in descending bit order, with the leftmost 0 or 1 value representing the highest bit and the rightmost value representing the lowest order bit. See How to Present TTL Signals Through the Parallel Port for more details.


The following item set consists of 2 items, each of which is a response to an openended trial called "personalinfoquestions".

<item personalinfo>
/ 1 = "jump.png"
/ 2 = "duck.png"

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