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navigationbuttonsize attribute

The navigationbuttonsize attribute specifies size of the navigation button.

Member of

<survey> <surveypage>


/ navigationbuttonsize = (width variable, height variable)


width variable The width of the rectangle in pixels (default), percent, or points.
height variable The height of the rectangle in pixels (default), percent, or points.


The navigationbuttonsize attribute allows the sizing of the navigation buttons for moving forward and backward in through the pages of a survey .


The following sets button height and width to 10% of the screen:

<survey somesurvey>
/ pages=[1=page1; 2=page2; 3=page3]
/ navigationbuttonfontstyle = ("Arial", 10%, true)
/ navigationbuttonsize = (10%, 10%)

The following sets button width and height to 250 and 50 pixels respectively:

<surveypage page1>
/ pages=[1=page1; 2=page2; 3=page3]
/ navigationbuttonfontstyle = ("Tahoma", 25px, false, true)
/ navigationbuttonsize = (250px, 50px)

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