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not attribute

The not attribute specifies that selected values may not equal the current value of the specified counter or stimulus.

Member of



/ not = (stimulusname, stimulusname, stimulusname)


/ not = (countername, countername, countername)


stimulusname The name of a stimulus element defined elsewhere in the script.
countername The name of a counter element defined elsewhere in the script.


The not attribute is used to prevent a counter from selecting the same item as another stimulus or counter. When not is specifies, selection procedes normally as specified by the select attribute. If the selected item is equal to the not item, then the item is returned to the pool and another is selected.


The following counter randomly selects a value from 1 to 10, but reselects if the value is equal to the currently selected item of sometext.

<counter mycounter>
/ select=noreplace(1-10)
/ not=sometext

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