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options attribute

The options attribute specifies the labels for the options of a multiple choice survey item.

Member of

<checkboxes> <dropdown> <listbox> <radiobuttons>


/ options = ("label", "label", "label", ...)


label Specifies the label (in quotes) for a given choice.


The labels can be any string of text. The labels also function as the default value for the option, although values that are different than the labels can be assigned using the optionvalues attribute.


The following shows a listbox survey item with evaluative labels:

<listbox ratingquestion>
/ caption = "How do you feel about icecream?"
/ options=["excellent", "good", "satisfactory", "bad", "aweful"]

The following shows a checkbox survey item with various options:

<checkboxes exemptions>
/ caption = "Which of the following sports do you play?"
/ options=["football", "baseball", "basketball", "hockey", "soccer", "snowboarding"]

The following shows a radiobutton survey item with options that contain dynamically inserted text:

<radiobuttons exemptions>
/ caption = "Which one of the following sports is your favorite?"
/ options=["<% values.sport1 %>", "<% values.sport2 %>", "<% values.sport3 %>", "<% values.sport4 %>"]

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