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other attribute

The other attribute adds an "other" option to multiple choice survey items that allows respondents to freely enter their own choice if none of the predetermined choices fit.

Member of

<checkboxes> <radiobuttons>


/ other = "caption"


/ other = textbox


caption A string in quotes serving as caption for the other option.
textbox A textbox item to use for the other option.


In some cases, it is difficult to anticipate all of the possible responses for a multiple choice item. The other item allows participants to enter their own option if none of the others fit. For example, a survey that asks voters to select a candidate might include the other optino to account for write ins.


The following shows a radiobutton survey item that allows respondents to enter their favorite flavor of ice cream if it is not on the list:

<radiobutton ratingquestion>
/ caption = "What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?"
/ options=["chocolate", "vanilla", "mint chip", "chunk monkey", "pistaccio"]
/ other="other flavor"

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