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selectionrate attribute

The selectionrate attribute determines how frequently a new item should be selected from the pool.

Member of

<counter> <list>


/ selectionrate = rate


rate One of the following values:
Value Description
always Select a new item everytime.
trial Select a new item once per trial.
block Select a new item once per block.
experiment Select a new item once per experiment.


Consider an example where multiple stimuli share a given counter. This attribute can be used to determine whether the same item is selected for each stimulus on a given trial or block, or whether a new item is selected for each stimulus.

The default setting is 'trial', which selects a single new item on each trial.


The following counter randomly selects a new item for each stimulus that references it:

/ selectionrate = always
/ items = (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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