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columns attribute

The columns attribute specifies which data columns to record to the summary data file.

Member of



/ columns = (property, property, property, ...)


property Any property of any element may be listed as a data column. This includes custom properties defined in the values and expressions elements.


The columns attribute specifies the specific data to be written to the summary data file. Any property of any element defined in the script can be listed. The data values may be specified in any order. On each trial, Inquisit will write a single line of data consisting of each data value specified by the column. Columns will appear in the data file in the specified order.


The following records 10 columns to the data file:

/ columns=(script.subjectid, script.startdate, script.starttime, inquisit.version, inquisit.releasedate, inquisit.appmode, computer.ipaddress, values.latencydiff, values.errordiff, values.totaltimeontask)

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