Comments in Inquisit

Comments are text snippets in the script that the author intends to be ignored by Inquisit's script parser. Typically, comments are notes the author writes in the script describing the purpose of the script, how it works, or other useful information. Comments can make a script easier to understand for others, and they can serve as reminders about easily forgotten details.

Inquisit's rules for comments are as follows:

  1. Comments may appear anywhere outside of an element definition. In other words, they may not appear between <element and </element>, where element is any Inquisit script element (e.g., <trial>, <block>, <picture>, <defaults>, etc.) Such comments can include any text except the beginning of an element definition. That is, comments may not include "<element", where element is any Inquisit script element (e.g., <trial>, <block>, <picture>, <defaults>, etc.)
  2. Single line comments can appears within elements using "//". All text that appears on the same line after this comment indicator is treated as a comment.