Data Format and Default Columns

Data are written in a non-proprietary UTF-8 tab-delimited text format to the file specified in the message window that appears at the bottom of the script editor. If the data file already contains data, the new data are appended to existing data. A separate line of data is written for each trial in the experiment.

The default order of variables values on each line of data is as follows:

  1. Current date (mmddyy)

  2. Experiment starting time (hh:mm)

  3. Group id

  4. Subject id

  5. Block number

  6. Trial number

  7. Trial code

  8. Pretrialpause (ms)

  9. Posttrialpause (ms)

  10. Scan code of the key with which the subject responded

  11. Whether or not the given response was the correct response

  12. Response latency (ms following the end of the last display frame).

  13. Response window center (milliseconds following the end of the last display frame; 0 if no response window is used).

  14. The next N variables are the item numbers of the stimuli shown on each trial recorded in the order in which those stimuli were presented. N is equal to the greatest number of stimuli presented on any single trial defined in the script. For trials on which less than N stimuli were presented, a value of 0 is recorded in the extra columns.

To customize the way data is written to file, define a data element and set its attributes according to preference.