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applicationmode property

The Inquisit module used to run the script.

Member of



The applicationmode property identifies which module of Inquisti was used to collect a given set of data. The applicationmode property returns one of the following values:

Name Description
desktop Inquisit Lab
.net The ClickOnce .NET Framework module of Inquisit Web
java The Java WebStart module of Inquisit Web
mozilla The Mozilla Plugin module of Inquisit Web
activex The ActiveX module of Inquisit Web
player The Inquisit Web Player


The following displays the value of applicationmode in a text stimulus:

<text sometext>
/ items= ("applicationmode = <% inquisit.applicationmode %>")

The following saves the applicationmode (among other values) to a summary data file:

/ columns=[script.subjectid, script.startdate, script.starttime, inquisit.version, inquisit.releasedate, inquisit.applicationmode, expressions.da, expressions.db, expressions.d]
/ file="iat_summary.iqdat"

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