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releasedate property

The release date for the version of Inquisit running the script.

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The releasedate property can be used in combination with the version property to track which version of Inquisit was used to collect a given set of data. The format of the time is mmddyy. For example, June 6th, 2011 would appear as "060611".


The following displays the value of releasedate in a text stimulus:

<text sometext>
/ items= ("releasedate = <% inquisit.releasedate %>")

The following saves the releasedate (among other values) to a summary data file:

/ columns=[script.subjectid, script.startdate, script.starttime, inquisit.version, inquisit.releasedate, expressions.da, expressions.db, expressions.d]
/ file="iat_summary.iqdat"

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