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selectedvalue property

The value of a response given on a multiple choice survey question.

Member of

<dropdown> <listbox> <radiobuttons>


If the <a href="../attributes/optionvalues.htm">optionvalues</a> attribute is defined, the selectedvalue property returns one the optionvalue corresponding to the selected option. If the optionvalues attribute is not defined, the caption of the selected option as defined by the <a href="../attributes/options.htm">options</a> attribute is returned. In either case, if no option is selected, an empty string is returned.


The following displays the value of selected option in a text stimulus:

<text sometext>
/ items= ("selectedvalue = <% radiobuttons.foo.selectedvalue %>")

The following displays the value of option in an instruction page:

<page somepage>
selectedvalue = <% listbox.bar.selectedvalue %>

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