Creating Survey Pages

Once you've defined the questions, the next step is to determine how to layout those questions on the pages of the survey. Inquisit allows you break out questions into separate pages/screens. Respondents can answer the questions on a single page and then click the "Next" button to answer more questions on the next page. The survey can be configured to allow them to navigate back to previous page and change their answers, or to allow forward only navigation.

Inquisit allows us to configure the font size of each question along with the spacing between questions. By using small fonts and spacings, we could try to squeeze all of the questions onto a single page. The result would look cramped, however, so we'll separate the questions into two pages.

The first page is specified here:

<surveypage demographics1>
/ caption = "Please answer the following demographic questions"
/ fontstyle = ("Verdana", -16, true, false, false, false, 5, 0)
/ questions = [1=sex; 2=age; 3=ethnicity; 4=race; 5=political; 6=occupation] 

The element type is surveypage, and the name of this page "demographics1". The caption attribute tells Inquisit to display a simple instruction at the top of the page. The fontstyle attribute specifies the font in which caption appears, 14pt Verdana in bold. Finally, the questions attribute lists the items that we defined previously that should be included on the page. In this case, we've specified six questions -- sex, age, ethnicity, race, political, and occupation -- presented in that order.

Now let's define the second page:

<surveypage demographics2>
/ caption = "Please answer the following demographic questions (continued)"
/ fontstyle = ("Verdana", -16, true, false, false, false, 5, 0)
/ questions = [1=religion; 2=education; 3=citizenship; 4=residence; 5=zipcode] 

This page has a caption similar to the first page, although we've added "(continued)" to it. The fonstyle is the same as the first page. This page presents the remaining 5 questions that we previously created -- religion, education, citizenship, residence, and zipcode -- in that order.

That wasn't too painful.

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