Thank you for participating in an Inquisit Web study! If you wish to uninstall Inquisit Web, please follow the instructions below.

Instructions for Windows

To uninstall Inquisit Web:
  1. Open the "Programs and Features" applet in Windows Control Panel (called "Add/Remove Programs" in Windows XP).
  2. Search for the entry with "Inquisit 4 Web" or "Inquisit 5 Web" in the programs list. If you find it, double-click to uninstall.

If you do not see "Inquisit 4 Web" or "Inquisit 5 Web" in the list, you have likely installed the Java version. To uninstall, do the following:

  1. Open the "Java" applet in Windows Control Panel.
  2. On the "General" tab click the "View..." button.
  3. Select "Inquisit 5 Web Java" in the applications list and click the Delete button.

Instructions for Mac OS X

To uinstall the Inquisit Web Player:

  1. Close your browser
  2. Delete the "/Applications/" file
  3. Or delete the "/Users/(your username)/Applications/" file.

If you don't find the file in either location:

  1. Open the Java applet from the /Applications/Utilities/ folder
  2. Click the "View..." button
  3. Select the Inquisit application, and click the delete button

If you don't see Inquisit in the Java applet:

  1. Close your browser
  2. Delete the "/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Inquisit.plugin" file
  3. Or delete the "/Users/(username)/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Inquisit.plugin" file

Instructions for iOS

To uninstall the Inquisit Player:
  1. Press and hold the Inquisit Player icon for a few seconds until the icon starts "wiggling".
  2. Press the black X on the Inquisit Player icon to delete it.
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