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Inquisit is used by behavioral scientists throughout the world for creating and administering numerous cognitive, social, and neuropsychological measures. Now in use in over 1386 research institutions throughout the world.
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Download scripts and view web demos for dozens of well known cognitive measures.
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Inquisit offers a single solution for administering psychological measures on lab PCs or remotely over the web.
Millisecond RSS Feed
Inquisit 4.0.6 released
June 16, 2014
us of this update has been on fixing bugs, including issues reported by customers, errors captured through web... more
Millisecond at SPSP 2014 in Austin, TX
February 11, 2014
lso be cosponsoring the Graduate Student Council Social with our friends at Sona Systems. The event will hosted at... more
Inquisit 4 Tobii Plugin now available
December 03, 2013
ables Inquisit to log gaze point data from Tobii eye trackers for use in constructing heat maps and gaze plots. It... more
Inquisit 4.0.4 has been released
December 03, 2013
nse holders. With this release, we've added a number of features and enhancements, including:Support for PCI/PCI... more
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