Inquisit 4

Precision psychological testing in the lab and on the web

Now serving 1467 research institutions throughout the world

Inquisit enables computer-based psychological testing and experimentation on local computers and remotely over the web.

Millisecond offers an extensive library of psychological testing paradigms for measuring and manipulating a broad range of psychological constructs. Your Inquisit licenses allows you to run any test in our library.

Browse the library to view demos in Inquisit Web and download scripts to run with Inquisit Lab.

Run standard tests, customize them, program your own, or hire us to program your procedure for you.

Millisecond provides software and consulting services to a variety of research industries:

  • Cognitive, Clinical, Social, Developmental, Organizational, Personality, Educational, and Forensic Psychology
  • Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuroimaging, Brain Mapping
  • Medical Research, Neuropsychology
  • Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Communications
  • Behavioral Economics, Decision Making
  • Clinical Trials, Psychopharmacology
  • Human Factors, HCI, Usability
Inquisit 4 Lab comes with a 30-day free trial. To start your free trial, simply download and install Inquisit 4 Lab. When the free trial is over, Inquisit will continue to run but will only record data from the test monkey.

Get free technical help from our online forums or .

We also offer end-to-end consulting services including study design, script programming, and data analysis - just email the details of your project to , and we can provide an estimate.

Our online order system supports credit cards, purchase orders, pro forma invoices, and quotes. Email with presales questions, or call 1-800-789-9710 x1.
June 16, 2014
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December 03, 2013
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