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draw attribute

The draw attribute specifies that the mouse cursor will draw on the screen using the specified stimulus as a brush.

Member of



/ draw = stimulusname


/ draw = true(stimulusname)


/ draw = false


stimulusname The name of a stimulus to be used as a brush.


If set to true, a line is drawn on the screen that traces the path of the mouse cursor using the specified stimulus as a brush, or a a 2-pixel black brush if no stimulus is specified. Drawings can be saved using the screencapture attribute. If draw is set to false (default), the mouse cursor functions normally and no drawing occurs.


The following defines a trial that draws on the screen using a shape called "greencircle" as a brush :

<trial sometext>
/ stimulusframes = [1=startHere]
/ validresponse = (startHere)
/ draw = greencircle

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