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screencapture attribute

The screencapture attribute takes a snapshot of the screen as it appears on the final stimulus frame of a trial and saves the image to a bitmap file.

Member of

<block> <expt> <trial>


/ screencapture = boolean


boolean A boolean value of true or false.


It is sometimes useful to have a visual record of the display for a particular trial or set of trials. For example, when conducting research with eye trackers,you may wish to view gaze plots or heat maps over the associated images that were presented in order to see exactly what the participant was looking at. The screencapture command, when set to true, causes Inquisit to save a copy of the screen as it appeared during the last stimulus presentation frame on the given trial. Screen captures are saved as bitmaps in a subfolder called "screencaptures" (located under the folder containing the script).


The following trial captures the screen with three stimuli (target1, target2, target3) to a bitmap:

<trial q1>
/ stimulustimes = [1=target1, target2, target3]
/ screencapture = true
/ validresponse = (noresponse, lbuttondown)
/ timeout = 1000
/ inputdevice = mousekey

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