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onexptend attribute

The onexptend attribute specifies commands to be run at the end of an expt.

Member of



/ onexptend = [expression; expression; expression; ...]


expression One or more expressions, delimited by semi-colons. See help with expression syntax for more information.


This parameter executes one or more specified expressions after an expt is complete. The expressions can read and conditionally update the various properties in the script. This is useful for dynamically configuring the experiment or recording data based on, for example, the subject's performance on that expt.


The following expt calculates a d score after the expt is complete:

<expt myexpt>
/ blocks=[1=compatible; 2=incompatible)]
/ onexptend=[values.d = (block.incompatible.meanlatency - block.compatible.meanlatency) / expt.myexpt.sdlatency]

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