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responsetrial attribute

The responsetrial attribute specifies a trial to be run next if the subject gives a particular response on the current trial.

Member of

<likert> <openended> <slidertrial> <trial>


/ responsetrial = (response, trialname)


responsevalue A valid response value for the trial. See validresponse for possible response values.
trialname The name of a trial element defined elsewhere in the script that should be run if the specified response is given.


This command enables conditional branching of experimental procedure based on the subject's response. A trial may contain multiple responsetrial attributes that list different trials to be run for possible responses. Inquisit evaluates each responsetrial attribute in the order specified, and the first one to match the response wins.


The following trial runs happytrial if the response is "a" and sadtrial if the response is "b":

<trial mytrial>
/ stimulusframes = [1=sometext]
/ validresponse = ("a", "b")
/ responsetrial = ("a", happytrial)
/ responsetrial = ("b", sadtrial)

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