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soundcapture attribute

The soundcapture attribute records audio during an experiment.

Member of

<block> <expt> <likert> <openended> <slidertrial> <survey> <surveypage> <trial>


/ soundcapture = boolean


boolean A boolean value of true or false.


The soundcapture attribute supports recording of long form verbal responses, such as an answer to an interview question. When the soundcapture attribute is set to true, audio recording starts at the beginning of the expt, block, or trial with this attribute specified after any preinstructions are presented. It continues to record records until they end or before any postinstructions are presented. Recordings are saved to wav files in a subfolder called "soundcaptures". When used with Inquisit Web, the maximum recording time is 20 minutes. The recording enabled by the outermost expt, block, or trial takes precedence.


The following trial records audio after presenting three stimuli until the participant clicks the mouse:

<trial q1>
/ stimulustimes = [1=target1, target2, target3]
/ soundcapture = true
/ validresponse = (noresponse, lbuttondown)
/ timeout = 1000
/ inputdevice = mousekey

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