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htmlpage element

The htmlpage element defines an HTML formatted instruction page.


<htmlpage htmlpagename>
/ file = "path"






The htmlpage element is used to define pages of text to be displayed as instructions using the preinstructions or postinstructions attribute. The htmlpage element is useful when complete control over formatting and content of instruction pages is required, otherwise the page element provides an easier way to display text with basic formatting. The actual content of the page is contained in a separate HTML file located on the local machine or the web.

Inquisit provides built-in support for reporting accuracy, latency and response window measures at the end of a block of trials using the blockfeedback attribute. The htmlpage element also supports customized reporting of a wide variety of performance statistics factored by trial or block type and aggregated over the course of a single block or the entire experiment. The current value of a given measure for a given trial or block can be inserted anywhere within the text of an instruction page by specifying the type of element, element's name, and the name of the measure as follows:

<% type.name.property%>


The following htmlpage consists of content in an html file located on millisecond.com.

<htmlpage intro>
/ file="https://www.millisecond.com/pages/intro.htm"

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